Our Father's Kitchen

Our Father's Kitchen (OFK) is a charity organization, working under H.I.D.O. (Hiwot Integrated Development Organization) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  OFK feeds needy children who, in most cases, may not have access to single meal a day, one wholesome meal per day until they turn 17 years of age.  Most of these children have had a difficult challenge in their lives such as living with HIV/AIDS, losing a single or a both parents or living in severe poverty conditions.  The goals of OFK is to ensure that kids go to school, their lives are monitored and that they are safe and happy. 

After several years of managing their own restaurant's kitchens, Yasser and Manal wanted to extend their love of hospitality into something concrete that would benefit those who needed it most.

Surrounded by food in their kitchen, Yasser and Manal felt that in today's day and age, no one should be hungry, especially children in their formative years. Ethiopia's youth is the country's greatest asset and giving kids an early start in life enables them to be productive members of society later on.

What started as one community kitchen has now grown to three with the hope that more kitchens can be established in the future. But Our Father's Kitchen is more than just feeding children. In keeping with the idea of "hospitality", OFK engages the community and through OFK activities, encourages individuals to think about their role in helping those less fortunate.

Yasser's visits to the family

Yasser personally visits the home of each child before they join the feeding program to determine the level of need. This provides a connection not only with the child but the family as well and allows a personal relationship to develop. At the same time, Yasser can ensure that the household is truly among the poorest of the poor. Once this is determined, the child is placed on a feeding list and Our Father's Kitchen commits to feeding the child until he or she reaches 18 years when they "graduate" out of the program.

If you would like to join Yasser on one of these special visits, please contact us via our FaceBook page or through "Contact US".

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